Maison gibson

Maison is nine years old and has Down Syndrome. He loves swimming, football, soccer, and he especially loves to dance! You can catch Maison at our Riley Kid Talent Show every year impressing the crowd with his smooth moves. 



Makenna gibson

Makenna is twelve years old and has Cortical Visual Impairment and Cerebral Palsy. She loves notebooks, purses, and Sophia the First. Makenna is full of energy and always eager to meet new people!




Emily mcelyea

Emily is a nine year old in second grade. Her sister Sabrina, and parents Heather and Bill have been very actively involved with BSUDM family events over the past couple of years. Emily has Tracheoesophageal fistula. She loves riding bikes, running around, coloring with chalk, Star Wars and Disney's Descendants.



Hannah jacobs

Hannah is a twenty-two year old student at Ball State University. Despite having been diagnosed with Spina Bifida, Hannah continues to give back to Riley in every way she can. She served as the president of Plymouth High School's Dance Marathon. Hannah enjoys kayaking, talking on the phone and anything DM related! 



Riley lesh

Riley Lesh is a fifteen year old girl who bleeds all things DM. She originally became a Riley kid because she was extremely premature. Riley participates in competitive gymnastics and loves to read. Riley helped put on the first ever InspireDM which is a marathon put on by Riley families in support of Riley Hospital for Children.



Haleigh Allen.jpg

Haleigh allen

Haleigh Allen is sixteen years old and the oldest sibling in her family. Haleigh has Alopecia Areata but still remains very active in school and sports. Haleigh is involved in softball, basketball and theater. Her family is very active with BSUDM family events.




Danica louks

Danica is a vibrant twelve year old who has seen her fair share of hardships. She struggles with Chiari Malformation, Psuedo Tumor Cerebri, Epilepsy Seizures and eye disease. Despite these setbacks, Danica remains a very positive little girl with lots of energy. She is involved in cheerleading.




Brayden allen

Brayden Allen is a rambunctious seven year old boy who never ceases to run out of energy. Brayden has tuberous sclerosis, autism, seizures and chronic lung disease. Nevertheless, Brayden is a very active child and is involved in soccer, swimming and baseball. He keeps the BSUDM members on their toes at family events with his energetic personality.



Aylor caudill

Aylor Caudill is eight years old and is the youngest member of his family. Aylor originally became a Riley kid because he had an ENT at Riley for his ears. Like his brother Brayden, Aylor is very energetic and is involved in soccer, basketball and swimming.




Mickey deputy

Mickey Deputy is nineteen years old and is very active in all things DM. Mickey was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and also had open heart surgery at ten months old. She was also diagnosed with Acute Lymphomic Leukemia at seven years old. Mickey loves to dance and always has a routine in the BSUDM Riley kid talent show. Mickey is also a Colts Jr. Cheerleader and is in Best Buddies and her school choir. She is a huge advocate for Riley Hospital for Children.



braden tamosaitis

Braden Tamosaitis is an eleven year old boy who never ceases to have a smile on his face. Braden has Spina Bifida but he has never let that diagnosis define him. Braden was a 2014 Riley Champion and is an honorary member of the Indy 11. Braden’s sister Sierra attends the Indiana Academy and was involved in planning the first ever InspireDM.



Diana overman

Diana Overman is a sweet and caring fourteen year old who has been involved with BSUDM for many years. Diana has Cerebral Palsy, Thyroid Cancer and chronic lung disease. She has been a Riley Champion and is involved with her school choir. Diana and her family are very actively involved in Dance Marathons around Indiana.



Sarah rodenbeck

Sarah Rodenbeck is twelve years old and is Diana’s younger sister. Sarah originally went to Riley for asthma and digestive issues. Sarah is very involved in the Fort Wayne’s Children’s Choir and her school choir. She loves to draw, write poems and attend dance marathons.



austin wilkerson

Austin Wilkerson is an eighteen year old Riley kid. His history with Riley stems from Coarctation of the Aorta and Bicuspidal Valve of the heart. Austin is involved in band and basketball. His interests include gaming systems, Lord of the Rings, super heroes and movies. 



Aly is a bright and talented eleven year old Riley kid. She originally went to Riley for Complex III Mitochondrial Disease. She is involved in dance class, Girl Scouts, and Upward Cheer! 



Tate is a six year old Riley kid. He was first introduced to Riley when he was diagnosed with Stage III Hepatoblastoma but has had no evidence of the disease for three years! Tate's involvements include Equine Therapy and the CureSearch Walk. He enjoys all sports, the color blue, Mickey Mouse and Iron Man.



Erin is a nine year old Riley kid that was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defect. She loves swimming, reading and playing with friends! Her other interests include the color blue and princesses.



Katelyn is an adorable two year old Riley kid. Currently, she struggles with asthma and an unknown diagnosis. She is known as the "Miracle Baby." She loves music, balls, and exploring!



Sneha is an inspiring eighteen year old. Her diagnosis is Ulcerative Colitis. She has been a blogger for US News and World Report, a columnist for Inspired Magazine, and she even created a nonprofit newsletter called Crohn's and Colitis Teen Times. She enjoys tennis and public speaking as well!



Carter is a twelve year old Riley kid. He was first brought to Riley with H1N1. Carter enjoys basketball, baseball, football, and fundraising for Riley! His other interests include the color blue, SkyZone, Cubs and Michael Jackson.



Isabella is an eight year old Riley kid. She was diagnosed with Osteomyetitis after receiving treatment from Riley. Her interests include gymnastics, the guitar, coloring, writing short stories, cooking, and Minecraft! Her favorite color is pink.


lilly cadwell

Lilly is a fifteen year old Riley kid that was brought to Riley with a broken fibula. Lilly is involved with gymnastics! She also enjoys watching Hallmark movies, spending time with her friends and crafting.



Jarrett is a thirteen year old Riley kid. Jarrett has a double outlet right ventricle, Atrial Septal Defect, and VDS. He plays baseball and basketball! Besides playing sports, Jarrett enjoys rock hunting, gold mining and Clash of Clans.



Brandi is a twenty-five year old child abuse survivor. She is studying at IUPUI and working on getting her Master's Degree in Psychology with a focus on Children and Adolescents. Her favorite color is blue, she loves games and working with children as well!



Braedon is a fourteen year old Riley kid. Braedon was born premature; he was born 12 weeks early as a result of being a monoamniotic twin with twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. His interests include cross country, track, playing the trombone and singing as well!



Dylan is a twenty year old Riley kid. He was brought to Riley with Spinal Cord Cancer. He is involved with Relay for Life and show choir. Dylan currently attends University of Indianapolis for Athletic Training and Occupational Therapy.



Makenzie is an eight year old Riley kid that was brought to Riley for her reflux and apnea. She enjoys softball, cartoons, watching movies and hanging out with friends!