BSUDM CommitteeS

Becoming a committee member is a way to get a little more involved with BSUDM. Most committees meet once a week leading up to the marathon and they have a wide range of responsibilities. With 14 different committees to choose from, there is a place for you no matter what you are interested in! For more information about joining a committee for next school year, contact us at



This committee coordinates all canning events for dancers, committee members, and the Executive Council. It organizes and executes Road Rules for the Fall and Spring semesters, oversee Sub-Co leaders or canning leaders within the Dancer Fundraising committee, promotes and encourages dancer fundraising through different social and media avenues, and works closely with the Special Events director for the fundraising events. For more information, email

Riley Relations

This committee is in charge of finding and inviting Riley families to the Marathon and keeping in touch with them throughout the year. Riley Relations committee members are in charge of a variety of things throughout the year such as planning family events, sharing Riley stories, and writing letters to pen pals they are assigned. At the marathon, each member of RR is assigned a “Riley buddy” that they get to spend the entire marathon with. RR is also in charge of the Family Room, a place where our Riley families can go to take a break from the energy of the Marathon and the Inspiration Tent, this tent serves as inspiration for the dancers to keep them motivated throughout the Marathon. For more information, email


Community Relations

Community Relations maintains and fosters BSUDM's relationship with Ball State University, the Muncie community, and BSU/Dance Marathon Alumni. Through community partnered events, newsletters, departmental visits, and numerous other methods, Community Relations connects BSUDM with the larger BSU, Alumni, Muncie, and Delaware County communities. If you have any questions about Community Relations or would like to connect with BSUDM, contact



The Marathon Relations committee is committed to working in partnership with 16 high schools across Indiana to provide resources and support to their High School 'Mini' Marathons. Like BSUDM, high schools raise money and awareness for Riley Hospital for Children, learn a mini line dance, meet Riley families and participate in various other activities. The Marathon Relations committee provides support and resources to these high schools. The committee also communicates with other collegiate Dance Marathons supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. For more information, contact



The morale committee members need to be fearless and outgoing. These tie-dye wearing members of BSUDM need to be energetic throughout the year, especially at the Marathon! This committee develops much of the internal structure of the Marathon including games and teaching the morale dance! Contact the morale directors at


Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations works toward raising funds for BSUDM through in-kind donations as well as establishing long-lasting partnerships with business in the surrounding area and nationwide. Much of the work on this committee involves phone calls, writing emails and personally going to businesses to help reach our financial goal For The Kids! For more information contact Corporate Relations directly at



The merchandise committee is responsible for ordering, organizing, selling, and designing the merchandise for all things BSUDM. We keep an inventory of all of the items we sell. We work the merchandise tables at all of the special events and the day of the marathon. For questions or more information email


Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications is Dance Marathon digitally. We educate the student body about Dance Marathon and are in charge of all graphic design, photo, and video for BSUDM. We also run all social media platforms (and this website) and maintain relations with local news and media outlets. For questions or more information, email



Recruitment focuses on the recruitment, retention, and education of Dance Marathon. Recruitment engages both the Greek community at Ball State, as well as the independent students and organizations on campus. The committee plans a number of outreach events throughout the year to inspire other students to join the movement. We share our stories and educate campus about Dance Marathon, Children's Miracle Network, and Riley Hospital for Children. For more information, please email


Productions is the backbone of Ball State University Dance Marathon. This committee creates the “DM Experience” for returning and new members through entertainment and logistics at the marathon as well as events throughout the year. Productions will work with all other committees to ensure the success of every BSUDM event through implementing new ideas which market to our demographic. Productions’ collaboration with other committees will include providing entertainment, setup, and ensuring overall fluidity of events. Additional responsibilities include creating the matrix for the day of the marathon, creating floor plans, making all reservations and working with outside vendors that provide equipment for the marathon. For more information, contact

Special Events

Special Events is the accompanying arm to the Fundraising committee.  With all of the good intentions, goals, and aspirations that BSUDM brings to the table, none of it is possible without true action, and it is that sense of doing that Special Events brings to the table. We conceive, plan, and execute all of the ancillary events leading up to the marathon. These events provide both monetary support along with providing a connection between the public and our cause.  "We are doers, through and through." For more information contact


This committee is in charge of overseeing all the financial aspects associated with the marathon. Committee tasks include keeping track of all received donations, maintaining donor drive database, and calculating the final total. If you have any questions regarding donations you have received, contact the Finance committee at



Hospitality committee provides food and drinks at every event organized by BSUDM. We are in charge of setting up dine to donates with different food companies. Hospitality also caters to our participants needs by delivering a guest service and ensuring a positive experience in each encounter they have with BSUDM. As a member of Hospitality, you will also help contact various companies and vendors for donations, set up day of food tables at events, and communicate with managers for food donations. Contact with any questions you might have!


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is comprised of a dedicated group of committee members who seek an extra level of leadership and service within BSUDM. The goal of Leadership Team is to foster strong relationships with our dancers by engaging with dancers year-round, offering assistance and support to dancers, and unifying dancers with the BSUDM community as well as our cause. Because of the diverse group of committee members, Leadership Team also collaborates with many of the committees throughout the year. For more information, contact