Canning is the most social way to raise your fundraising goal. This is where you stand outside a bar, restaurant, sports game, etc., holding a bucket and you ask for donations. Just grab a group of friends and get canning! Be sure to ask the establishment you plan to can at if they will allow it before you go! Contact our Director of Fundraising, Jessica Wojton, at if you have any more questions.

Ways to Fundraise

While canning and special events are great ways to fundraise for Riley Hospital for Children, here are a few ways to fundraise on your social media platforms. Reaching out to people individually is an excellent way to show your passion for BSUDM and to ask for donations. Click below for more ideas and examples!

Letter Writing

Letter writing is a great way to help you reach your fundraising goal for BSUDM! We've made it easy for you by providing you with templates that you can use! Below are examples of both Riley Society letters and Fundraising letters, feel free to use this as much as you want!