President // Morgan Polizzi

VP of External Affairs // Abby Fischer

Co-Director of Marketing and Communications // Ashley Nylen

Co-Director of Marketing and Communications // Staci Seber

Co-Director of Recruitment // Becca White

Co-Director of Recruitment // Marlee Jacocks

Director of Stewardship // Kiera Helm

Director of Community Relations // Abby Clark

VP of Internal Affairs // Brendyn Cyrus

Co-Director of Riley Relations // Becca Ginn

Co-Director of Riley Relations // Anna Allen

Co-Director of Productions // Hanna Crane

Co-Director of Productions // Tyler Hostetler

Director of Hospitality // Audrey Suiters

Co-Director of Morale // Liz Hynes

Co-Director of Morale // Kaitlyn Ewing

VP of Finance // Adrienne Jones

Director of Finance // Becky Cooper

Director of Merchandise // Carley Lanham

Co-Director of Fundraising // Ashly Kraatz

Co-Director of Fundraising // Morgan Corle

Director of Special Events // Taylor Wong

Director of Corporate Relations // Cassi Quissell

Director of Marathon Relations // Bianca Humbarger